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It’s November already and I have only three weeks to get my work ready for my solo exhibition at Blackwater Valley Makers in Fermoy…..

I have been working on combining my drawings with monoprint over the past week. Following the ecoliteracy course I did this summer with Cathy Fitzgerald of The Hollywood Forest, http://www.haumea.ie, I have been thinking and reading more about our place in the world and am going to try with my drawings, to generate a sense of wonder in the viewer while also bringing attention to the local problems in my rural neighbourhood mainly stream and river pollution from farm runoff.

But other news! I joined Backwater Artists Network(BAN) in Cork city almost a year ago and we are having our inaugural exhibition online at the moment until Nov 30th. Please see the following link for the exhibition webpage http://backwaterartists.ie/programme/current/backwater-artists-network-group-exhibition/

This is the drawing I submitted to the exhibition

Curlews and oystercatcher on Beale Strand, charcoal and oil bar on paper. Apologies but it must be because it is the bewitching month – my PC wont allow me to download the image, so please have a look on the link above. Thank you!

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