Weekly blog 23/11/2020

Hello. I am continuing to prepare for my solo exhibition which opens next week on Dec 2nd at Blackwater Valley Makers in Fermoy. I am currently trying to sort out the sound element and am looking forward to the kind expertise of Duncan, sound recording engineer, as I am very inexperienced in this area.

Besides this, I came across a great quote in the online journal Minding Nature in its Fall 2020 edition, “The fate of the land and humans rest in the hands of each other” by Renee Lee, Food science student at Cornell University USA. I find this quote relates particularly to one of my drawings in the exhibition that I referred to in a previous blog on 9/11/2020.

Below is a recent small drawing.

This is a blind drawing done in my garden while observing life around me. I used homemade charcoal, indian ink and monoprint in this drawing.

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