I have been a member of Backwater Artists Network for the past eighteen months which I find very supportive personally as an artist, and informative on a whole range of art related topics. backwaterartists.ie/join-us/backwaterartistnetwork . Brian MacDomhnaill is the organizer of BAN and is very committed to us members and to ensuring that all members are kept in the various info and creative loops.

We ‘meet’ on Zoom every two weeks to catch up on each others work, art news locally (generally Cork city and county), nationally and further afield too. We had our first exhibition in Cork and online in November 2020. Please see https://visualartists.ie/events/a-moment-before-lockdown-backwater-artists-network

I have recently joined a new and vibrant collective called Nuacollective which has artists from various parts of the world with the majority being from Ireland. Started last year by artist and super organizer ,Eamonn Shanahan, we have already had our first online exhibition called Equinox with the work of many of us on show www.nuacollective.ie. We also have a podcast talking about the exhibition so do check that out. There are more podcasts to come on various topics of interest to the diverse range of artists involved.


This mixed media drawing and print is in the current Equinox exhibition online at http://www.nuacollective.ie . It is for sale unframed, including postage , for €150. I used some of my own homemade charcoal, graphite powder and printing ink on found paper to try and give a sense of the ‘animal’ activity that occurs at the time of half light, that is at dawn and at dusk.

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